Saturday, February 26, 2011

His Mind

Does Jesus bring you comfort, peace, encouragement, refreshment, council, and instruction?  Does the all pervasive message of His love bring a calming influence to your life?  Does the benefit of the presence of the Holy Spirit bless you?  Do you enjoy the sweet companionship of God that He--the Holy Spirit--brings?  Are you  joyous in the plethora of kindness, benevolence, compassion, and affection that a relationship with God in Christ brings?  Are you blessed when you consider His heart of compassion and loving kindness directed at you specifically?

Why all the questions?  These are the very blessings we are to count as we consider the unimaginable love of God towards us.  His tender mercies should overwhelm us when we consider all of the rewards that are on the periphery of our relationship with Jesus Christ.  By the way,  the words in the questions above come from a Bible dictionary.  They are the meanings of these scriptural words: consolation (question 1), comfort (question 2), fellowship (questions 3-4), bowels (I know, not a pretty word in English {question 5}), and mercies (question 6).

These blessings come with a commitment  and a command attached together as one!  They are to drive us towards loving and humble service to our brothers and sisters in Christ and to humble service before the Almighty who has bestowed such love on us.  They are to make us to strive to live and love as Jesus did.  We should be awestruck as we consider the overwhelming incarnation of God With Us!  

So where did these words I defined in the first paragraph come from?  They are questions the Holy Ghost asked through the pen of Paul.  They precede one of the most humbling and inspiring passages in all of scripture!  They precede verses which command us to be loving, forgiving, and compassionate towards each other as we see that same thing in our Blessed Savior.  Here they are in Philippians 2.

"If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."  Phillipians 2:1-11

Has He blessed you?  Then serve your brothers sisters and the Lord with humility and unconditional love!  Take the necessary time to memorize and meditate on these words!  You will be blessed!

Today's News

Israel and the Middle East

Iran to unload fuel from Bushehr nuclear plant

Iran rejects IAEA report alleging it is developing nuclear weapons - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

'Syria and Iran to cooperate on naval training'

IDF strikes Gaza terror targets in response to rockets - Farrakhan's Nation of Islam to Argue UFOs Are Real

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Christianity taking over planet?

Weird News--Possible Rapture Coverup? - Farrakhan's Nation of Islam to Argue UFOs Are Real

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America's Apparent Downfall

Alleged Texas Jihad Plot Underscores Threat of Lone Wolf Terrorists Inside U.S. -

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood deeply rooted inside U.S.

'World economy will fall if revolts spread to S. Arabia'

Action Required

Please go to this site and send an e-mail to congress about the Defense of Marriage Act!  

FRC Action

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Feet Almost Slipped

Do you ever have those days where things just don't make sense?  Sure!  We all have them.  Also, have you ever wondered why God allows times where it seems only the godless triumph?  Be honest!  We all have those thoughts too.  Even Holy Spirit inspired Bible writers had those days.

Earlier, I was writing a note to another blogger about Psalm 73.  It seemed a fitting response to her circumstances.  Yet, as usual, it spoke right back at me too!  God has a way of doing that.  When you go to help another, he often answers your questions too.  Let me explain.

My mom called me to tell me the news about the decision of the Department of Justice's (or injustice) and the President's decision not support the Defense of Marriage Act.  Anger!!!  He is not asked to interpret the law according to the constitution but to uphold it!    Obama Administration Drops Defense of Anti-Gay Marriage Law -  I really became angry about this.  Honestly, I had just been praying for the President as commanded in 1 Timothy 2:1-5 just before that too.  How dare he do something so blatantly ungodly?  How is it that godlessness seems to be flourishing so much while Christians can't get justice anywhere in the land?  Notice this article also posted today.  Obamacare violates religious freedom lawsuit thrown out | Pat Robertson | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Asaph, Israel's great worship leader, also questioned God about this.  He was so upset that he even felt that he would backslide over God's apparent inactivity.  Notice Psalm 73:2-3 "But as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps had well nigh slipped. For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked."  Wow!  That explains most of our feelings when we see the ungodly advance. Asaph got so angry that he even felt as if his attempts to live right and holy were in vain (v13).  He said, "For all the day long have I been plagued, and chastened every morning."  In essence, they prosper in wickedness while I feel plagued and punished as God's servant.  

How would you feel if your worship team had such a crisis of faith?  What did Asaph do?  How did he turn these doubtful thoughts around?  He stayed faithful and took it to the sanctuary.  Not only was this the place of worship, but also the primary place of prayer.  The change of heart about the flourishing wicked was almost immediate.  Look at verse 17, "Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end."  Somehow God reminded Asaph of an eternal perspective in prayer.  He realized that these people were in slippery places and that the day of their demise was quick and sudden.  He was building in Asaph the heart of an intercessor.  Rather than question God, he began to realize that they are only going to advance in wickedness for a short time.  If there is no repentance, they will be cut down quickly and sent to judgment and that is an eternal loss.  

Asaph realizes that God is on his side and that He has God here to comfort him and a promise of eternal bliss to come (verses 23-26).  He also realizes that without Christ they are doomed (verse 27).  Rather than give up, Asaph concluded that serving the Lord even when things don't make sense is always the right thing to do.

God drew a great preacher to this Psalm.  Verse 18 caught that intercessor's eye, "Surely thou didst set them in slippery places: thou castedst them down into destruction."  Along with his text verse of Deuteronomy 32:35, Jonathon Edwards shared the great sermon "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God" to an America as easily as backslidden as we are today.  It drove the nation back to prayer as they realized that no one ever, EVER prospers in sin.

"But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works."  Psalm 73:28    

Israel and the Middle East

RABBIS SAY ARAB UNREST SIGNALS MESSIAH COMING SOON « Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog  Dear Rabbi's, it is not a coming but a coming again that you are awaiting!

IDF retaliates to fire from Gaza, injuring 11 Palestinians

Terrorists Fire Two Rockets at Be'er Sheva; IDF Retaliates - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

Netanyahu: Mideast instability may last for years

Fatah calls for boycott of US after UNSC veto

Godlessness In The Last Days

California wants lesbians as mandatory 'role' models

Creation Museum denies alleged gay couple entrance to dinner - and FOX19 News, weather, traffic, and sports for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky |  What they didn't tell you was that this was two men acting gay and they were blogging about how they were going to disrupt the dinner.  

Mark of the Beast and End Time Technology

All children to be registered in national biometric database

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Earthquakes In Diverse Places

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.  Mark 13:8

On the heels of the earthquakes of the last few days, I remembered that I had compiled a list on the increase of earthquakes above 6.0 or higher to show that they were slightly increasing by year.  I also projected, according to the data up to that time and the frequency of large earthquakes in the first 26 days of 2010, there could be 70 6.0 earthquakes in 2010.  There were only 51.  Yet that is still a very high amount of earthquakes according to the significant earthquakes list found on the USGS web site.  2010 Significant Earthquake and News Headlines Archive

Here is that list from January 26th of last year updated.

6.0+ by Year
2002-- 21
2003-- 37 31,00 killed in Japan
2004-- 35* This includes a 9.1 off and that killed 225,000+ people
2005-- 33 Pakistan quake kills around 86,000
2006-- 26
2007-- 47
2008-- 48 Sichuan, China quake kills around 87,500
2009-- 56
2010-- 51
2011-- So far;  there have been 9 over 6.0

As I was looking, I also noticed that there was an increase in the massive 7.0 or higher earthquakes in 2010.  There were 22 earthquakes of this intensity.  The two closest years were 2009 and 2007 which both had 17.  The average since 2002 was about 13 per year.  

Of special note is the time duration of the quake that hit near the 2 Iranian warships yesterday.  According to the posted article from Israeli News Network the quake rumbled for 27 minutes.  That is an awful long time for an earthquake to last! 

There seems to be an increase in frequency and intensity, but I am sure this is nothing compared to what Jesus had in mind in the verse above!  Seek Christ today while you still have His mercy for the time of His justice must be soon2come!


This mornings news again reminds me of scripture.  Look at Luke 21:25, "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;..."

I thought I would post the first four articles that I read as I awoke this morning.  It certainly sounds like distress of nations! - Earthquake in New Zealand Kills at Least 65, Traps More  *****Interesting coincidence below.  Look what took place in New Zealand just prior to that deadly earthquake.
Here's Mr. Gay New Zealand! on  "Meanwhile, New Zealand’s biggest city celebrated its biggest annual gay picnic day yesterday.
The country’s Prime Minister John Key was in attendance at Auckland’s Big Gay Out, where in an election year the centre-right party leader was keen to stress how gay-friendly his leadership had been."

New Zealand:- Gay heart of Christchurch wrecked by earthquake - Gay Travellers Network
""That's the physical heart of Christchurch's gay community ripped out," says Malcolm Vaughan of Wellington's S&M bar. "It's appalling... what's the community going to do to come together now... perhaps someone can find a space where glbt folks can come together.. but..." His voice trails off. "We just hope that all our glbt friends in Christchurch are getting through ok."

It seems like troubles in every cardinal direction!  Yet God is in control.  I also awoke with Isaiah 63-64 on my mind.  "Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence,"  Isaiah 64:1  That is certainly to happen soon!

Israel and the Middle East

EU tells Israel: Mideast turmoil makes peace talks imperative - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security

Christians asked to bow in submission to Allah  Pray for the strength of these believers to be like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!

Libyan diplomats resign posts to protest bloody crackdown

Dozens of bodies reported on Tripoli's streets; Gadhafi said barricaded in his compound - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Israel and U.S. successfully test anti-missile system - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Our Decline

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood deeply rooted inside U.S.

U.S. warned of threat worse than Katrina, plague, WWII

Wal-Mart Grapples With Its Worst Sales Slump Ever -

The sinking US empire - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Hezbollah Working with Cartels « Liveshots

Remember, it is not time to fear or worry!  It is time to share the hope of Jesus Christ to a world on a collision course with divine appointment.  Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness."  2 Peter 3:13 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today's Prophetic Headlines

The news is still ominous.  There was an earthquake in the Suez Canal even as Iranian warships approach.  I wonder who caused that?  It seems that the world is filling with rage.  Wisconsin is boiling and other states seem to be on the verge of similar problems.  China is seeing groups calling for freedom as the Chinese see the success of the riots in Tunisia and Egypt.  Libya is firing on and killing protesters.  It seems that the world is going mad!

It reminds me of an approprite scripture and yet another reminder that there is only one Man who can bring peace.  He is the Prince of Peace--only Jesus Christ!

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.  Psalm 2

There are 4 different voices heard in this Psalm.  That is why it is color coded.

Rebellious man 

God the Father who decrees salvation

God the Son who purchases and effects salvation by His atoning blood

God the Holy Ghost who always seeks to point men to the Son!

Israel and the Middle East

Earthquake Shakes Up Suez Canal as Iran Warships Approach - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News  keep messing with Israel and God's divine plan and there will be a whole lot of shaking going on.  Sorry for the pun!  This is really no joke.

Hezbollah might attack Israeli target to help Iran  Sad!  It will be ashame to see so many of the decieved crushed as they oppose the Almighty!

Apostasy in the Last Days and the Spread of False Religion

End Time Technology

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Only A Spoon

I am very busy today, so I thought I would share one from the archives. Many people  wrote to me or made comments on the blog about this particular entry.  I hope it ministers to you.  JN

"One spoon of ten shekels of gold, full of incense:"  Numbers 7:14

For twelve days the children of Israel presented their gifts to the Lord.  Each day the gifts were exactly the same, but God inspired them to be repeated for 76 verses in this chapter.  God took the space to review the freewill offering of each tribe over and over again.  Do you realize how important your contribution to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is?  He makes sure that even the tiniest details of your service are recorded in heaven.  All that you do in and for Christ is important.  Twelve times we are told about the same gifts--there are no unimportant contributions for Christ. Twelve times God records that they were devoted to the temple.  He wants us to be equally devoted.  In God's economy there are no big "I's" and little "U's".  All are equally loved and respected in Jesus.  Even if you feel that your little contribution is nothing more significant than the little spoon recorded in each offering, it is important to our Savior.  Don't you sometimes feel like a little spoon in the service of Christ?  So many of us feel unimportant--we all sometimes feel like the little spoon offered in the Lord's service.

How many times have I visited someone who compares themselves with others and then bemoans the small contribution they made?  I have heard people say, "All I can do anymore is pray!"  They say this as if prayer is unneeded or as if prayer were unimportant.  Look again at the verse above.  What did the little spoon contain?   It was full of incense!  Oh! That God's people would see the overwhelming power of prayer once again!  Oh!   That we would realize the need of prayer warriors for churches, pastors, unsaved loved ones and a lost and dying world.  What would the ministry of the church in America be if those who could "just" pray were filling heaven with the incense of prayer?  What would it be like if we would embrace the ministry Daniel Nash had with Charles Finney?  Finney said of Nash that he prayed as if he would do violence in heaven.  Maybe that is why Finney's revivals changed the spiritual temperature of New York during the early 1800s?  If all you can do is pray--then pray with the heart of a lion!

Think of all the uses of a spoon!  They are used as a standard measure.  Let your life show the standard of Jesus Christ to those who are in need of salvation.  Let your life be a standard for the youth to follow or the new convert to emulate.  Spoons are used to add spice.  Are you not the salt of the earth?  Spoons are used as musical instruments.  Let your life be a song of praise in Christ that brightens the hardest of hearts.   Spoons are used to feed others.  Let your life be one that feeds the starving and wounded of this world.  Spoons are used to stir things up.  Let your life stir other believers into greater service for their Savior.  Spoons are used as decorations. Let your life be a decoration of honor in the house of Christ.  Spoons are used a souvenirs.  May you live such a way that you bring others in remembrance of Jesus!  So you are only a spoon?  You sound pretty important to me.  You are a golden spoon.  One that is precious to the Lamb that died for you.