Sunday, August 5, 2012

Are You Watching?

I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.
Isaiah 62:6-7

As the door opened I was shocked to see a mammoth of a man at the door.  He was so muscular that I  nearly cowered at the sight of him.  To make it worse, he was tattooed everywhere visible and wearing leather and chains.  There was no doubt that this massive biker was going to squash me like a bug.  "Holy Spirit, why did you bring me to this door?", was my prayer of "faith?".  I introduced myself and mentioned the Church of God Ministry to the Military church I attended just outside the gates of Ft. Polk, LA.  His expression told me that I might be having a rough day and that the pounding I expected may be soon.  As he began to close the door--in anger--I shouted for no apparent reason, "Keep an eye on Jerusalem--it is the key to the prophecies indicating the coming of Christ."  To my amazement, he swung around, asked me to repeat what I had just said, and then began to cry as I reiterated the  statement that seemed to come out of thin air!  He began to sob--outright tear filled sobbing!  I was still trying to figure out where the idea to mention Jerusalem had come from as it was an unusual statement.  He then said, "That is what my grandma used to always say to me."  Apparently, his grandmother had passed on a few years back, but she was a real prayer warrior who constantly tried to wake him up to his condition without Christ.  The statement about Jerusalem was something she had often said to him so he would not miss the coming of Christ.  Amazing!

In Isaiah's day, the city of Jerusalem was still intact.  However, the morality of the nation was disgusting and judgment was certain to follow.  God, however, was not finished with the city nor the children of Israel.  His ultimate plan was to bring salvation and righteousness.  God would not rest nor have peace until his plans for Jerusalem were realized.  Those plans are not yet fully enacted and that is why Christ, the High Priest, is at work now interceding for the city and all of God's people.  In the redemption of Jerusalem portrayed in this passage, there is a great parallel to God's overall plan of salvation for humanity.  Jesus would not rest until He purchased salvation.  He, himself, would pay the price of redemption by giving His own life as a ransom for humanity.  He, too, takes those men and women who are seemingly abandoned and forsaken and graciously provides love and His continual presence.  As The ultimate Prophet, Priest, and soon coming King, He is still on duty for all believers. What mercy!

His last promise to Jerusalem was to put watchmen over them.  Just as believer's have angels watching and protecting them, God has raised up a mighty prayer force to pray for the City of the Great King.  Every time the prayer, "Thy Kingdom come...", is uttered, believers are praying for God to establish the city where Jesus Christ will reign supreme.  Are you praying for the peace of Jerusalem?  Keep an eye on Jerusalem--it is the key to prophecies indicating the coming of Christ.  It is important!  There is much news today calling us to prayer and reminding us that Jesus Christ is Soon2Come!


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