Wednesday, December 16, 2009

War On The Horizon

Israel has been pushed into a corner to the place that war will inevitably soon erupt in the Middle East. This is due, in a large part, to American and European pressure on Israel about the West Bank settlements. It seems we are seeing what God clearly predicted. In the last days people would turn their backs on the Jews which would bring God's judgment on them. Who doesn't seem to hate Israel today just as God said?

Now that the Palestinians feel they have foreign support, they will push even harder to take more of Israel's land. They ultimate goal is not to gain peace, but to destroy the Jewish problem. Remember what Jesus said when men are clamoring for peace and safety!

'Recognition of '67 border before talks'

But the trick here is to make the world think your intentions are peaceful!

The point is to drive the Israelis to indefensible borders in order to easily defeat them. However, they seem to have forgotten that Israel has survived many other attempts to destroy them when all hope seemed futile. That is because the God of Jacob is defending the nation.

'Anti-Israel is the new anti-Semitism'

Britain seems to feel that arresting Israeli government officials is the way to handle the situation. This trick has awoken the Jews to see that they have very few options left in this struggle.

Iran: We successfully test-fired improved missile
The time that is being wasted in arguments about settlements is being used by Israel's enemies to arm themselves adequately for war.

Activists planning Temple Mount ascent Here is the real problem, the temple mount! Look for major building projects here soon!

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