Monday, March 15, 2010

Today's Prophetic Headlines

Sorry--Too busy lately. Finals and midterm reports. Almost too much for an old man! God Bless.

Israel, the Middle East and the Coming of Christ

Biden: U.S. will always stand by those who take risks for peace This is turning out to be double talk. We are for you but under our conditions. Pray for our leadership in America!

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  1. El Paso, Texas, passed a law requiring microchips for all cats, dogs and ferrets in the city. Other cities, including Waco, ...Passing laws to require microchips in animals? (we already have licensing laws) this is only one step to mandatory human microchip. Easier to find us? Wonder if people will continue to roll over and play dead shaking their heads up and down and saying Yes that is a really good idea. and again let the government have more control of their lives. I think that is shear laziness, people don't want to make decisions so they will allow the decisions to be made for them.