Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indicators Of A Healthy Relationship With Christ

Here is an article that I found under resources on the website that I loved and thought I would share.  It was written by Doug Small and it is thought provoking.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
I will share more on division soon so come back.

Here are some indicators of a personal relationship with Christ:

  1. You talk with Him daily. You pray. You live in his presence.
  2. You are conscious of His presence and your conscious desire to please him, to do his will. (II Corinthians 5:9; John 8:29) He rarely leaves your mind. You are preoccupied with Him. You are “walking in the Spirit.”
  3. You are in love! You are not merely doing religious things, keeping traditions, living by rules, honoring religious customs. No, you are in love! You know God is real. And you would do anything for Him.
  4. You delight in the Lord, and therefore you embrace disciplines and duties that are not always delightful. You do so, out of love. “If you love me, keep my commandments!” In the Old Testament, duty demanded that one keep the law. In the New Testament, love constraints us to do right. Our motivation has changed. Holiness, the end result has not changed.
  5. You want to serve. You are ready to be a bond-slave. Prayer makes us available. Prayer is the intentional and daily check-in experience. In prayer, we punch the divine clock and notify God that we are on-duty and ready to serve.
  6. There is an overflow of your life, outward to others. The evidence of the inward love for God is read by others. They see it. You can’t hide it. Prayer explodes outwardly in some manifestation of God’s glory. His presence marks a life. This is “the glory!” How can you be silent? The love of God is shed abroad in your heart.
  7. The speech of an overflowing Christian is marked by thanksgiving and praise. The inner flood spills out onto others around you. They are the benefactors of our satisfied hearts. The inner happiness becomes a river of joy tasted by others.

Source: Prayer – the Heartbeat of the Church Resource Guide: P. Douglas Small (Pathway Press: Cleveland, TN; 2008), p. 21-22.

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