Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grapes of Wrath

     Isaiah 5 continues with the theme of judgment.  This chapter was a sermon delivered during one of Israel's religious feasts.  Imagine being in attendance and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of a fair like attitude.  Everyone is happy and joyous, yet while they enjoy the "blessings" of God they are not following God with all their heart.  Furthermore, their heart is far from God.  Their service is based on keeping a few feasts and occasionally going to worship, but it is all an attempt to placate God.  Into this feast steps the emboldened prophet loudly proclaiming the truth, the Word of Almighty God.

   His sermon starts with a parable like story about a vineyard which is found in verses 1-7.  His point is that they are the vineyard of God and that the fruit they bring forth is corrupt in the sight of the Lord of the Harvest.  Fear and foreboding enter the hearts of the once happy feast attendees, but that emotion soon changes to anger as Isaiah declares that they will be destroyed by the Lord of Hosts, Himself for their failure to obey and love God with all their heart.

  Part two of the message specifically names the sins in which they were involved with.  First, there is a sinful desire for earthly gain over spiritual gain which is found in verses 8-10.  Their violation of God's covenant with the land would lead to their being overthrown in verses 9-10.  Next, they are judged for their inordinate lust for pleasure manifested in their drinking and partying.  Even "church" was more about personal entertainment than heartfelt service to the Lord.  This sin carries a pronouncement of slavery.  It will go beyond the slavery of alcohol addiction or today's drug addiction.  The nation will be sold into captivity.

Can you begin to see the parallels to the US again?  It is like Isaiah preached this sermon last Sunday!  God help us!  Help us to turn our hearts towards you!

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