Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Blessings of Repentance

I thought that I would share the chiastic structure of the book of Joel.  God has a central message that is extremely important.  We are nearing the Day of the LORD and he wants to pour out His blessings on us but they are all contingent on repentance!  

 a.  Devastating locust invasion—(1:2-14) (Locusts are a type of demons) 
·         Four locust species are devouring the land
·         There is a destruction of grain—new wine and oil  (I am sure you know these types and shadows)
·         The trees are withering
·         Theme: dried up, empty, withering, destroyed, wailing, mourning
     b.  Suffering of all creatures due to the invasion—(1:15-20)
·         Short unit
·         Topic-The coming day of the Lord
·         “I will call on you, O LORD
·         All creatures, including animals, are suffering due to judgment
          c.  The LORD is the bringer of the locusts (He has withdrawn His protection) (2:1-11)
·         The Day of the LORD is near; destruction of agriculture
·         Locusts are warriors and soldiers
·         The earth and the heavens shake
·         The sun and moon are darkened
·         YAWEH thunders at the head of His army (2:10-11)
·         Judah becomes a desert waste
               D.  CENTER: God calls for repentance! The stress is on repenting to bring  the blessing (2:18-27)
a.  The promises that the devastation will be reversed—(2:18-27)
·         Reversal of the devastation of the four species that devoured
·         A restoring of the grain, new wine, and oil (Remember—Gospel types!)
·         The trees are rejuvenated (Psalm 92:12)
·         Theme: rains, watering, renewal, refreshing, filling, rejoicing, gladness
     b.  In the future all of Judah will experience God’s blessings (2:28-32 & 3:1-5)
·         Short unit
·         Topic-The coming day of the Lord
·         Everyone who calls  on the name of the Lord shall be saved
·         All will experience God’s blessings
          c.  In the future, The Lord will bring armies (remember the locusts of Revelation) to Judah to be  utterly destroyed by Christ
·         The Day of the Lord is near, blessing on agriculture
·         Warriors and soldiers gather
·         The heavens and the earth shake
·         The sun and the moon and the stars are darkened
·         YAHWEH thunders against the nations
·         Edom will become a desert waste

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