Friday, April 26, 2013

Heaven's Bread

Give us this day our daily bread.
Matthew 6:11

Imagine having plenty to eat all around while one is starving.  It simply makes sense just to take the time and energy to get something to eat rather than just sitting there waiting for the food to come to you.  Of course men are notoriously bad at doing just that--starving in sight of a full pantry.  Ask any wife who returns home after a long shopping trip and you will hear how her husband waited until she got home to eat even though the refrigerator was loaded.  I've done that a few times myself.  :)

Many claim to be starving spiritually (and they usually blame someone else--like a pastor for instance).  However, Jesus has provided more than enough for them to feast on personally.  Maybe that is why Matthew and Luke used a strange word for "daily".  It is so strange that it is not found in any other Greek text known.  It was as if Jesus said something in His native language that led them to coin a new word in order to give us a comprehensive meaning.  The word is only ever found in Matthew 6:11 and Luke 11:3.  It is epiousios. 

Some versions give the impression that this word is speaking about tomorrow so they render it as such.  One Arabic version reads as, "give us our bread for tomorrow".  Why?  It seems that the word sort of means to "come upon" or to "approach".  As a result, some translators have chosen to put the verse in a future sense.  However, we already have a clear example in scripture as to why Jesus chose to use such an interesting term for daily and it is certain that He had today in mind.  Jesus told us with clarity to not worry about tomorrow--there is grace and provision for today!  

Exodus 16 tells of the supernatural supply that the LORD made for the children of Israel.  Bread, called manna, literally appeared for them daily. It was just enough for the present day and those who tried to save it for the morrow soon found that it would be spoiled by then.  Heaven's bread literally "came upon" them daily! They needed only to "approach" the bread and make an effort to fetch it.

It seems that this word was chosen to remind one of the Exodus wanderings and manna gathering.  God made the needed provision, and He is still doing the same today. All you need to do is to take the time to stoop down in and gather it.  So you are starving spiritually?  Is there a Bible in your grasp?  Can you not stoop in prayer?  Quit waiting on someone to spoon feed the Word to you and make an effort to obtain that daily provision the Almighty has sent just for you!  If you choose not to eat today--of course you are starving!  

May the LORD bless you and remind you that Jesus Christ is Soon2Come!

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