Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Spirit of Antichrist--Cultural Cleansing

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
Daniel 7:25

Daniel 7 is such a rich source of biblical prophecy that it would be impossible to touch on it in one post.  Just verse 25 is so deep that it would take weeks to discuss all of the ramifications.  Yet, we get a brief snapshot of the work of the godless one in this prophecy.  The antichrist will seek to eradicate distinctive culture in order to unify the world under one universal order, and for 3.5 years during the Tribulation (to which this verse pertains) he will succeed.  The spirit of antichrist always seeks to erase any national identity or ethnicity and replace it with another using chaos and conflict.  Let’s explore a few shadows of what is coming now and what will come in the near future.

Though many wish to rewrite history and deny the truth, Antiochus IV desperately tried to replace the culture of his empire and replace it with his own—Hellenism.  In the last post, The Spirit of Antichrist--Destroy the Bible, we found that this evil man worked tirelessly to destroy the Tanakh of the Jewish people (aka. the Old Testament).  He outlawed Jewish religious rites and traditions that made them a distinct people.  Sadly, he was even assisted by many Hellenized Jews who promoted vigorously the popular cultural ideas of the day.  Before his terror was stopped in it tracks by people who would not allow the Word of God to be desecrated and their culture erased, thousands were dead throughout the region.  The erasing of culture nearly always ends with the persecution of the people whose culture was targeted (more on persecution of believers and anti-Semitism another day).    Had the LORD not called up resisters we may well have lost the Old Testament; however, He always defends His word and His people.  The LORD and His Word never fail.

Another good example of culture cleansing came during the French Revolution.  This was the birthplace of the guillotine where nearly 16,500 were decapitated during the debacle and many thousands more were killed by other forms of execution (the guillotine will more than likely be used again extensively soon!).  Radical groups were pitted against one another on purpose for the sole reason of creating a new world order out of the ensuing chaos.  Even times and laws were to be challenged.  The French Revolutionary Calendar was created which declared that 1792 was the new year 1.  It also called for a changed “week” by proposing a 10 day work week.  This experiment of cultural sterilization left thousands dead.  Death and hell are always on the heels of the antichrist. 

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”  Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda just quoted, played the media with satanic expertise.  This time period should be one of the greatest warnings to modern man, but the lessons learned are being tragically ignored.  Talk about the cleansing of culture to replace it with another one, just what was the Aryan race anyway?  It was the brainchild of another shadow of the antichrist—Adolph Hitler.  The work to eradicate distinction started from cradle to the grave in Nazi Germany.  The demonically ran media reminded one daily of what they should think, what they should wear, where they should shop, and what they should hold sacred.  However, if you were different…need more be said? Using the lies of social Darwinism and eugenics, multiple millions were victimized and then destroyed to a tune of over 11 million for failing to be like the government’s ideal person.  Sadly, most groups were for destroying another group until their culture was next on the list. Just ask the Jews, the Gypsies, those with special needs, the…    Need we look at Stalin, and Mao and Pol Pot, and… 

The Ideal Family

There is more at stake here than a few old flags, stone monuments, public prayer, selling cakes, changing park names, and the digging up of Confederate generals.  What is happening is the isolation of a specific group starting with the most vulnerable to criticism by the media and the sterilization of distinctive culture.  It is a purposeful destruction of America as we know it so that a new one world agenda can be put in place. It is the sure sign the nation is given over to an antichrist spirit. America and our Constitutional rights are being swept away right under our noses, and this same scenario is being played out in countries around the world. What begins with a national media fueled outrage against some specific target will eventually end in the killing of millions. People are literally being told what is and what is not acceptable by the media without anyone questioning why now?  Institutions that were a part of the fabric of American society for many decades are now being challenged and removed daily. Isn’t it strange to anyone that the eternal laws of God seemed to be the first major object of hate?

First, this group will be targeted, and then that group. Sooner or later they will get around to you and your group unless you bow to the wishes of the global agenda, the spirit of antichrist.  Another chapter of Daniel is being played out now—Daniel 3.  Will you bow?  All of the world will be called to unite under one universal culture; one world, one government, one economy, one religion.  The signs of universal sterilization are all around—signs the Bible warned would come.  Soon the evil one will appear and it will get much worse.  By the end of the Tribulation less than 1 in 6 who enter that fateful seven year period will be left.  Were the days not shortened no one would survive.

But the end of the story was written in eternity.  Jesus Christ wins—He is truly Soon2Come!

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