Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Days Concepts--Part two

"..blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,..." 2 Timothy 3:2

Notice as we go through this list of sins that they are all prevalent in our society! The presence of this much global immorality is a sure sign that the Lord is about to return soon. We need to make sure that we do not get so wrapped up in these things that we become too comfortable and forget that our primary mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

4. Blasphemy--I shared an article on Friday where a deluded young lady was making sexual suggestions to the pictures that most consider to be Jesus. Whether it is Jesus or not, ( and it probably is not) she made suggestions that would have been unheard of at one time anywhere. However, Jesus bashing by stating things like He could be gay, could have slept with Mary Mary Magdalene, is just a deluded man, and the list goes on seems to be the new popular thing to consider. It is this precious name that is uttered continuously by men worldwide as a common curse word or strung with common curse words. Hollywood has done their share in dragging this precious name through the ground over the last 30 years, and no end to it seems to be in sight. Well, yes there is! He is coming soon and no one will ever again dare to blaspheme Him!

5. Disobedient to Parents--Parents who dishonor God will naturally raise children that will dishonor them. Today, the chances in many places for a child to be in a gang, be killed, or be involved in crime is escalating. Recently, I saw a video of a young man, only 13, who smashed the face of a bus driver just for telling him to sit down. Having been a school teacher, I wished I could express the exponential growth of this rebelliousness in youth today. Juvenile crime is growing at a rate higher than any other crime category.

6. Unthankful--I well remember handing a person in need a full bag of groceries to have it thrown down while they stormed out. Their cry was, "that's all there is." It seems we live in a society where every on thinks that they are owed something. Children throw fits when they don't get the correct presents at Christmas, but sadly so do many parents. Those in severe need often complain when they don't receive above and beyond their need. Everyone seems to be looking for more! The Bible clearly teaches that if we have our basic needs met, to be thankful, but as we approach the last days, this spirit is seldom seen.

7. Unholy--There is a great interest in anything that has nothing to do with the Bible or the God of the Bible! If a teaching allows you to do as you please, then it becomes popular. It also seems to be a way of life today.

More on this tomorrow. Remember, we are going some where! God Bless.

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  1. I so appreciate your guidance in these stuns me to have these signs of the Lord's return comsolidated and focused for us....thanks,,,Cindy