Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Days Concepts--Revelation's Sins of Wrath

As the list grow in 2 Timothy 3, the sins become more grievous. Mankind will be without natural affection. This isn't hard to see today. How many fathers have abandoned their children to selfishly live their own lives? How many mothers in the last two decades have killed their own children? How many children have been implicated in the murder of their parents in the last thirty years?

Men and women will become incontinent or without self control. They despise those who try to live righteous, and that is why I have started posting the stories of Christian persecution worldwide. Hours upon hours worth of time playing games, watching TV, and spending million on sporting events reminds us that we are a pleasure loving generation. While these may not be wicked in and of themselves, coupled with a lack of self control and idolatry, they rob us of precious time with God.

So what is the point? I want to couple these lists with two other scriptural lists. Colossians 3:1-6 repeats many of these last days sins. Verse 6 gives added information. It reminds us that God's wrath will be poured out on the unbelievers for these sins. So when will that happen? In the tribulation, of course. Revelation 9:20-21 lists these same sins a men as being unrepentant during the trumpets judgments. Even while suffering, men will rebel against God rather than submit to His Son. Even God's tough love in allowing harsh judgments to open their eyes to Him forces them to curse Him even more!

Rebellion is a chief reason why the tribulation takes place. Looking at our rebellious society today show us that we are very near to the tribulation! Why do men seem bent on removing the name of Jesus or the Ten Commandments or anything that reminds them of the God of the Bible from all areas of public life? Why does our government spend millions to teach sex education and provide students with condoms and such just to then supply them tax dollars for an abortion while never allowing the concepts of abstinence to be taught? Why is it no longer politically correct to mention that America, Canada, and Western European countries share a common link to Christ? It is nothing more than rebellion. Notice in the vacuum created by casting off Christianity, our schools are filled with humanism and alternate religious views including the rise of radical Islam.

Revelation mentions demon worship! This has been ever growing across the globe in the last thirty years. Our television programming is littered with ghost chasers, with spirit mediums, and the like.

Revelation mentions idolatry and Colossians lists greed as idolatry. Maybe that is why we are continually bombarded with the message of buy, buy, buy if you wish to be happy!

The text goes on to mention murder. Even without the 300,000,000+ murdered unborn infants worldwide, the majority of the cities are desperately unsafe. Unconvinced? Stroll down a side street in Miami, Bangkok, London, or Tehran.

Sorceries--Pharmakeia in the Greek! From a craze for anything about witchcraft (hence the popularity of Harry Potter) to drug abuse in the streets, I think this one is about covered.

Revelation mentions sexual sinfulness. Do I need to mention the fight for gay marriages, the multi billion dollar pornography industry, online child porn, the ever growing sex slave trade, that over 90% of the internet use is for porn, the thousands of rape victims of whom many are murdered, and sex thrown at us constantly on TV?

Thefts? No need to go there either.

The point is that these sins are all growing worse each year now. They are a clear indicator that we are in the last days before Jesus' return and the time when God will pour out His wrath on those who commit such sin. If you think it is bad now, wait until the church is raptured and removed! I don't want to be here to check it out!!

We need, then, to hear "from such turn away" found in 2 Tim 3:5b. We must share the gospel, but we must avoid the acceptance of this type of sinfulness. Many today are preaching a message that does not deliver from sin but leaves the sinner a captive to their life style. They preach this in the name of God's love, but God in His love sent His Son to die for our sin! Jesus came to set us free from sin and deliver us from unrighteousness. Maybe that is why Paul mentioned having a form of godliness but denying its power? Be a witness, but avoid being ensnared by what you were delivered from. Love even the worst of men, but avoid getting your robes stained! Jesus is coming soon and we don't need to be pulled from this world in a way similar to Lot! God Bless You!

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