Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Protector!

The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation. Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken. A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous. The LORD knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever. They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.
Psalm 37:12-19

So many are under the grip of fear and stress today!  It actually is hard not to be!  With the situation in the Middle East deteriorating, with catastrophe encompassing every part of the globe, with wickedness and apostasy growing, and with the economy reeling it is hard for most to trust!  Even in this--trust God!  He is a sure and steady foundation for those who call on Him for salvation and safety.  The world is looking for peace and safety, but they have walked away from the source.  Jesus is Peace, and Jesus is Safety!  Look unto He who is the author and finisher of your faith.  He will get you through these tough times.  Jesus specializes in protecting His followers!  He is our protector!

The prior post "Peace and Safety" mentioned that the UN had a verse from Isaiah 2 in front of the UN building and on a statue in the UN garden.  Isaiah 2:4 says, "And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."  Yet, not all of this passage is on the UN wall.  It just says, "they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."  Did you notice what is missing?  Jesus!  He is the "He" at the beginning of the verse who shall judge the nations.  He was left out of the UN from its very inception.  You can't leave the source of peace and safety out and expect to have peace and safety.  This is one of the many reasons that there will be no peace apart from Messiah Sar Shalom--Christ the Prince of Peace!

Jesus specializes in bringing His peace to His followers in impossible situations.  When things look their bleakest, that is when He stands with us through the fire and the flood as we rest in Him.  As an example, I thought that I would share a true testimony.  My brother was attached with a military unit that was doing work in Spain.  They were repeatedly warned to be careful and not to be out on the town alone since there were gangs of people who were notorious for thievery.  Yet, he decided to go out investigating alone.  He turned down an ally by accident that was a dead end with walls on every side.  When he turned to leave after realizing his mistake, a group of the very people whom he had been warned about had boxed him in.  The situation looked impossible.  Again, Jesus specializes in the impossible!

Not knowing what to do, there was only time to pray.  Then he did something most unusual.  He raised both arms in the air and began to run towards the thugs.  As he ran he shouted, "Usted necesita a Jesucristo!"  "Your need Jesus Christ!"  As he was running he heard what sounded like others running up from behind him.  He did not see anyone, but he distinctly heard the sound of something running past  him on the left and the right and what sounded like wind as well.  At that very moment, a look of terror seized the would be attackers.  They immediately turned around and ran as if they were under assault themselves.  Nothing is impossible for God!   He will protect His children who call on him in the hour of need!

I could tell you many, many personal stories like these.  There was the time that my wife and I were stranded in Germany without money only to have a man that hated me give us the money we needed.  This same man had once told me that he would take me out if I mentioned Jesus to him just one more time.  There was the time when we were on a dark road and were nearly hit head on (also in Germany).  We made a 90 degree turn at 50 miles per hour and somehow ended up squarely on a dirt farm path without any injury.  It was as if the car had been picked up and sat on the road.  There was the time I was street preaching when a woman held a loaded revolver to my forehead (I am still here to write this am I not).  Story after story after story could be told.  Even when tragedy struck, Jesus got us though.  Read pages 22-23 of this online magazine for another one of those personal stories after the death of a child.    Evangel - December 2010


Neither will He fail you if you call on Him today!  Jesus never fails!  Do government concerns have you down?  The government rests on His shoulders.  Are you in fear over the world economic situation?  What is there that Jesus does not own?  Fearful about the rise of false doctrine and lies?  Jesus is the Truth!  No matter what the need Jesus is the answer.  Again trust Him--Jesus never fails. 
Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off. But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD: he is their strength in the time of trouble. And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.
Psalm 37:37-40

If you have been sheltered by Christ--take the time to add a comment below and share your testimony!  You never know who it might reach.  Just today, this blog has been read in the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, New Zealand, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Kenya, and Germany!  Tell the World what great things Jesus Christ has done for you!  If you can't write in English, write in your own language.  We can translate it using Google Translate!
Tell the World Jesus Saves! 

I'll share about news and other events tomorrow!  May the Lord bless you!  L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!


  1. Several years ago I was working @ a plant in Clinton. I had backslid on God and had been for some time. I worked second shift, and on my way home one night I was comming around a sharp curve and I was going way faster than I should have. When I looked to my right I seen the biggest deer I have ever seen comming right toward me. I had no time to stop b/c of my speed. I remember the fear that gripped my heart b/c I knew this was going to be bad. Right as the deer got almost in front of my pass. side headlight, and this deer had hude antlers. it looked like someone grad the antlers and turned the deeer completley around back towards the woods. He turned so quickly his body was jercked like a whip! Instantley I felt God's pressence in my car and he gentley spoke to me and said I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE. The Holy Ghost was so strong I could not keep myself from speaking in tounges! Which I did half the way home. Had I died that night my soul would be in hell right now. Just another example of God's love and mercy!!! Tammy

  2. God Hears, God Cares, God Moves - Sue Rosselli

    The winter of 2001 was cold in northern Indiana, often sub-zero. The newspaper said it was the coldest, snowiest winter on record. Having spent three days digging out our comatose vehicle, I could believe it.

    Our family had arrived three months earlier in a travel trailer that had been our home since the summer. After we lost our jobs, my husband and I, with our then 9-year-old daughter, had set out for wherever God might lead us. We ended up in Indiana, in a truck yard, by virtue of breaking down.

    Our reserves, including the penny collection in the coffee can, were gone. My husband had used the last of our money to go to New York to be with his mother, who was dying of lung cancer.

    I had been looking for work. But being snowed in with no working vehicle and no phone had not helped my prospects. My daughter, Alyssa, and I wore our coats all the time. I’d been frugal with our propane, which kept us warm, but the inevitable day came when it was simply gone. So was our food. In my heart, I felt that my daughter and I would probably die that night, of hypothermia.

    When we were ready to go to sleep, I told Alyssa she’d be sleeping with me. I had her put on all her clothes, and I did the same. I piled our blankets, towels, and spreads on top of us. As I took my child in my arms, I prayed: “Lord Jesus, You know what is happening. Thank You for the blankets, the towels, and our shelter. My husband is far away, and I can’t contact him. Dear Lord, if my daughter and I are to die tonight and go to be with You, that’s O.K. I have just this request: If You are going to take us, please take us together. I cannot bear the thought of my child finding herself all alone here if I should go without her, and I don’t feel I have the strength to handle losing her and remaining behind either. But we love You, Lord. Your will be done.” With my daughter’s quiet breathing at my side, I fell asleep.

    Morning came, and we were still here. Once we were up, it came to me. The Lord had kept us alive for a reason. We had to get somewhere to keep warm. “Lissie,” I said, “we’re going to pray over the car.” The car had not run for weeks.

    We prayed. We got in. I turned the key. It started. I drove to a Laundromat, where we could be warm. After a while, Alyssa told me she was hungry. “I know, honey,” I said. “We’ll eat soon.” I had absolutely no idea when. A little while later she told me again—and then again. I began losing heart. “Lord, this is the United States of America,” I prayed. “I never dreamed I’d find myself with a hungry child and nothing to give her. Please, please, show me what to do.”

    The words had scarcely left my lips when a young woman approached me. “Ma’am,” she said, “Me and my friend bought pizza, and we got too much to finish. Can we give it to your little girl?”

    “Yes, thank you,” I murmured. There were four slices. Alyssa did not go hungry, and neither did I.

    After that, things slowly picked up. I got some work. Our old church in New York paid my hus-band’s way home. His mother died, but she had been eager to meet her Lord. Our new church found us a house, and our lives became more stable. But I will never forget that night when there seemed no hope but for the knowledge that God hears, God cares, God moves. I will never forget we are together today only because of the love of Jesus, and I am forever grateful.

  3. He saved your life then and many more times, Tammy! What can we do for God? He only asks for our heart.....thats not much considering He gave so much more.....HIS ONE AND ONLY SON, WHO DIED ON A CROSS FOR OUR SINS! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND LOVE!! Jeannie

  4. We were once protected by from a car accident by just a simple few seconds. We were discussing a route to another town for some strange reason. We always went the same way but we stopped to talk about another way that would have take us thirty miles in the wrong direction. It was so bizarre that we all laughed about why we were even discussing. We then left and a car swerved into our lane and hit the guardrail. That few seconds of discussing something silly saved our lives. We always pray that the Lord will protect us on the road.

  5. After all I have been threw and all the things that I have seen,
    I know without a doubt Lord that you where right there next to be.

    Coming into this world of confusion and hate,
    I know that it was you Lord that made My path so straight.

    I remember when I was a little Girl and how I prayed to you,
    and asked you why I am here in this world, I felt so blue.

    I was never told I love you, or that you are doing a great job,
    I was told I wasn't planned and God that made me feel so blah.

    All my life I struggled for acceptance in this world,
    Looking in all the wrong places Lord,in this big huge world.

    I wondered how anyone could love me just the way I am,
    Because I didn't know the value of your Divine Plan.

    I didn't know you loved me all those broken years,
    I didn't know you heard me when I cried so many tears.

    I didn't know you had a awesome plan for My own Life,
    I didn't know I needed a Savior to set my life alright.

    But, then one Day you called me out of all My sorrow and pain,
    And I heard you that Day, I will never forget, it was a cry to claim.

    I asked you to forgive me and to take my Life I had,
    There was nothing in my life that I wanted to have that bad.

    I asked you to take all my Life of pain and I casted all my burdens upon you,'
    And that is when you gladly took them just like you said you would do.

    I cried a pool of tears that Day and you pulled me out of this black hole,
    Of what I have suffered all My life, of pain, hurt and more I know.

    I asked you to take My hand and lead me out of here,
    and so you reached your hand out to me and then I had no fear.

    Looking back upon my life I see My purpose now,
    All that was bad for me you turned around somehow.

    And now I truly can say that I know why I went threw this,
    It was so Today I could help others who are also going threw this.

    The more suffering we have been threw, you will turn around for Our good,
    So we may be a walking testimony to Help others and be good.

    I have learned so much from you my Lord and My Yesterdays are gone,'
    And when I am weak I truly can say that it is you who makes me strong.

    You have saved me from My hell on earth and pulled me out of that,
    And I will always be Thankful Lord, it is just a known fact.

    I know who I am in you Jesus and you have made this so clear to me,
    And I am loved beyond believe I have truly been set free.

    I love who you have made me, it was always in your plans,
    And now I truly can say that I Love others in advance.

    I have never been the type of person to Love the way I do,
    It is when you came to live in My Heart that it is truly you.

    Thank you Heavenly Father for such Love and guiding me,
    I never will ever be alone, I have truly been set free.

    In Jesus Christ Holy Name,


  6. One day many years ago my husband and I decided to take our two sons to a nature park that had many caves.
    As we were going to a cave we had never been to I ran on ahead and came to the cave first. It was formed in a half circle with two entrances. In order to see the other entrance you need to go deep in the cave.
    I knew that my husband and sons had never been to this particular cave before I decided to play a trick on them and run out the other end of the cave and come up behind them as the entered the cave. There were some bushes in front of the other entrance, but being raised in the country, I thought I would push the bushes aside and go out the entrance so I started to run as fast as I could and was a few steps from the other entrance when I heard "Stop!" Thinking it may be a park ranger I stopped and looked around but saw no one the cave was empty. I then thought I had just imagined it. So again I started to run toward the other entrance and as I approached the entrance, I again heard "STOP, and some one said "Look"! at the same time I felt a hand reach out and push against me stopping me in my tracks....As I looked out the other entrance I realized that what I thought were bushes were actually the tops of trees growing up and out the side of a 350 foot drop off. Had I not stopped!! Thank you Lord for saving my life that day some 35 years ago. Mom